YES, There Is a correct way to Hang Toilet Paper

Photo Credit: Mother Nature Network

Wow, our illustrious civilization is finally getting somewhere! After all of these years of head-scratching uncertainty, we just found out that YES, indeed! There is a correct way to hang toilet paper.

Should the paper on the roll go over or should the paper on the roll go under? This was the eternal, nail-biting question that no one ever seemed to know the correct answer to. Some of us thought that over was the best way, while others seemed to think it was under. And still others didn’t really care whether it went over or under, as long as it was bloody well there in the first place! Cuz, really, let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than getting down to business then realizing: “Hey, there’s no toilet paper!”

But now the truth is out, and we can, at long last, stop debating. Thanks to the discovery of a very ancient document – a toilet paper patent filed by Seth Wheeler, the inventor of toilet paper, that was printed on December 22nd, 1891. Dear old Seth, the great genius who has literally been saving our butts for over a hundred years, even includes instructional illustrations on how to hang a proper roll and how to tear a strip off when you need it. So now we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which way the paper is supposed to unroll!

We truly hope this will settle most arguments and domestic disputes, and that we can all live in much better harmony with our housemates. If everyone could just print and copy this extremely helpful document and pin it up in our bathrooms, right next to the toilet paper, we might even achieve world peace!

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