Who needs cleaning services with this natural household cleaner?

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It is easy spend a lot of money on cleaning services, especially professional cleaning services or a high quality maid service. On the other hand, every so often it may be really helpful to have a professional cleaning services cleaner come into your house to help with the deep cleaning and areas that you have neglected in the past. For the basic clean house tips and tricks and keeping things fresh, there is something special about the smell of tangy lemon and lime that always suggests your home is clean and fresh. Now you can have that upbeat scent whenever you want with this DIY lemon lime dusting spray. Use it freely around your home now that you can make it yourself just by following these few simple steps. And your pocketbook will thank you, too!

This recipe for a natural household cleaner uses both an astringent and essential oils. As a result there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind. First, essential oils are potent and so you might want to store your dusting spray in a glass bottle and pour small amounts of it into a plastic spray bottle that you use up quickly, perhaps in only a few weeks worth of dusting. The second thing to remember is that the essential oils will not remain mixed up in the astringent and water blend. That means you must remember to shake it up as you go so that you get an equal distribution of the ingredients when you squirt them out of the spray bottle. You can use this natural household cleaner for bathtub cleaning, your computer keyboard and is one of the best refrigerator cleaners I have tried.

One of the great things about a home blend of dusting spray is that you know what you are putting in the air in your home is good for you and your family, rather than industrial cleaning chemicals that are used in many households and are not all that great for human or pet health. This spray is meant to be used on counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom and furniture, but not your floors or drapery. The dusting spray works especially well on wood surfaces that just love those essential oils.

Your wood furnishings will respond with a gleam and shine you will be proud to show off to your family and friends. It may give you results you love so much you will be cleaning even more often . . . well, maybe not. But give this home dusting blend a try. You will be glad you did. So instead of spending money on professional cleaning services all of the time, find out how to make this natural household cleaner and many others at the website, Bitz & Giggles, by following the link below.

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