Use these tips and get into a routine and your mattress will stay nice and clean

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Like most people, you've probably spent a good chunk of change on your mattress. It's where you're going to spend a good portion of your life after all. Did you know that the average person will spend a third of their life sleeping? So if you live to be 90, you'll spend 30 years of your lifetime asleep. That's a lot of time on your mattress. So after you've spent all that money on your amazing mattress, you're going to want to learn how to deep clean a mattress to keep yours in good shape for the years to come. You should replace your mattress at least every 10 years. If you're not sleeping well bump that up to 5 to 7 years. Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for our overall health and well-being, so if your mattress is keeping you tossing and turning, you should splurge on a new one. Realistically, when you think about it, investing in a $2,000 or even a more expensive mattress is going to pay off over time. If you maintain it well and keep it for at least 10 years, you're only paying $200 per year for that mattress which is only $16 per month and only 50 cents per night. So it's totally worth it to spend the money on a good quality mattress that you love, and to take care of it properly by learning how to clean it properly.

These cleaning tips don't even take a lot of time or effort, and you'll be able to integrate them into your routine easily. Cleaning your mattress should be done each month. To do this, take off all of the sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases as well as the mattress cover. Buying a good quality mattress cover is also crucial for keeping your mattress in good shape over the years. It will protect your mattress from sweat and moisture, as well as dust and dust mites. Once you've removed all of the bedding throw it into the laundry and wash it as you usually would. On your bare mattress, sprinkle some baking soda all over the bed and leave it for an hour or so. The baking soda will deodorize and kill bacteria on the mattress leaving it nice and clean. After an hour is up, vacuum the baking soda up. Just use an upholstery attachment instead of the powerhead. When you're all done spray with a natural fabric spray made with essential oils and waited for that to dry before you put your clean bedding on the bed again.

This may come as a shock, but one of the cleaning tips for cleaning a mattress from Retro Housewife Goes Green is not to make your bed in the morning. Leaving your bed unmade allows everything to breathe instead of keeping it all up tight against the mattress. So you now have permission and a good reason not to make your bed. She even has a full post about the reasons not to make your bed in the morning on her website. You should also be rotating or flipping your mattress regularly. Since pillow top mattresses are unable to be flipped, you can just rotate them. Just rotate it around, so the foot is at the head of the bed every three months. Your boxspring can be rotated every 6 months. If you have a mattress, you can flip, flip it over with some help and also rotate it too. Try out these great cleaning tips on how to deep clean a mattress and be sure to add them to your cleaning routine.***

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