Use mayonnaise to remove water marks on wood

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If you've ever made the mistake of setting a wet cup down on your wood furniture only to be left with a not so pretty watermark, you know how devastating it can feel. Especially if the piece of furniture was a special item or an antique that you'll never find again. Most people may think that their piece of furniture is ruined and that they might as well pull out the sand paper and get sanding to refinish it, or take it to a professional to have it refinished. But the good news is, there are actually some easy cleaning tips and simple life hacks that can take care of these horrible water marks for good. Watermarks are easy enough to make; anytime you leave water on the surface of a wood item, you're going to have a little stain. They're caused by just enough water getting under the finish on a piece of furniture. The water or liquid sitting on the surface of the table finds its way under the clear finish, and the particles of water get trapped under there causing that white, cloudy mark. In contrast with the beautiful wood grain and warm, rich colour of the wood, this white mark can look awful, and almost ruin the whole look of the piece. But it's not actually the wood that's damaged at all, which is good. It's much harder to bring damaged wood back to life than it is to fix a watermark.

In fact, watermarks are actually quite easy to get rid of, and you may be surprised by how easy they are to clear up completely. Even more surprising, you use a condiment that you would probably otherwise use on burgers and sandwiches rather than to clean your house. So what is this magical ingredient? Plain old mayonnaise. Yes, you can use mayonnaise to treat your white water mark circles on wood furniture. You can even try this on hardwood floors that have slight water marks on them. Kate from Centsational Girl gives us her cleaning tips on how to clean off the water marks naturally and painlessly. First of all, she says, don’t panic, we have a solution. Sometimes the panic is inevitable, but don't worry, you have it under control. Then, you take out your regular mayonnaise from the fridge and scoop a good amount out of the container with a rag. Then put it directly on the water mark, making sure that you cover the entire area. Once you have a goof layer of mayo on the stain, leave it for at lease four hours or preferably overnight.

Once you've waited the full amount of time, just wipe the mayonnaise away the next day, and there should be no trace of the stain. It's seriously like magic, and you won't believe your eyes. What happens is the mayonnaise contains oil that will seep into the wood conditioning it and replenish it's natural colour, getting rid of the water mark for good. You can also dry up the watermark quickly by using a blow dryer on the hot setting and aiming the warm air right at the water mark for a few minutes until the moisture dries right up. Using oil is great for conditioning wood and will keep it polished and looking nice and new. So the next time you have a watermark on your wood furniture or floors try these simple life hacks and cleaning tips before you do anything else. Be sure to share this simple life hack with your friends so they can save their furniture from any watermarks too.***

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