These ADORABLE pre-fab homes are MOVE-IN READY in just 6 months

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The popularity of prefab homes is growing quickly, and it’s no wonder. They are energy efficient, fast to build, and therefore, more affordable than a stick-built home, which takes more time to construct. Prefab homes have obtained a bad reputation over the years, because of their use of pre-made parts. These days, prefab homes are more popular, because they are tight constructs with energy efficient windows. They take less effort to heat and cool, and therefore, will save you more money in the long run, as well as less of an impact on the environment. They also take much less time to build than a stick-built home would. If pre-fab homes seem like the right step for you, Karoleena is a company in British Columbia, Canada, that specializes in designing and building pre-fab homes. Their clever designs will take anywhere from three to six months to build depending on the size and design.

Karoleena specializes in prefab home design, and they create the most modern looking homes. If you are into tiny house design, they are willing to build a home as small as 400 square feet. They will also customize their architectural design to accommodate thousands of square feet. They consider that they would require three months’ time to build each 800 square feet of a home. The fact that a company can produce such a sturdy, green building design, should be enough to get a person interested in ordering a prefab home, but the fact they can be built and delivered to your property in a matter of months is a complete deal maker.

Where it would traditionally take up to two years to build a regular home, these homes take six months being built in a factory, before they are delivered. Once the prefabricated construction is complete, the home is delivered to the intended property where the finishing touches are placed in one or two days. The finishing touches will include things like placing the home on a foundation, working on wiring, a small amount of drywall or painting touch-ups. Otherwise, the home is pretty well complete and fixed with all appliances when it reaches its destination.

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