The nutritional value of crickets. Yes ... Crickets. Would you eat them?

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Today we're going to explore the nutritional value of crickets. Yes... crickets... would you eat them? If you're into having a healthy lifestyle, you're probably all about herbal remedies and natural food ideas, but would you ever try eating bugs? If you're a vegan or a vegetarian, the quick answer would probably be no, but adventurous carnivores might be privy to trying something a little different. These days, it's becoming more apparent than ever that the cost of eating meat is far too high to be sustainable. The a meat eating lifestyle can really have a strain on our environment and livestock farming is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gasses, which is more than all of the exhaust from all transportation, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. The methane gasses from the animals being raised for food has a global warming potential 86 times greater than that of carbon dioxide over a 20 year period from Science Magazine. Not to mention the water that is polluted because of livestock farming and the water that's needed to hydrate the animals on the farms as well as the inhumane environments these animals have to live in.

If more people stopped eating meat and chose to eat other sustainable foods like vegetables and fruits, not only would they be living a super healthy lifestyle, they would also be protecting the Earth. When you choose to stop eating meat and any other animal products like eggs and dairy, you are making a very sustainable choice. Making the shift to eating more sustainably can open the doors to all of these new food ideas you maybe had never heard of before much like eating insects as a sustainable solution instead of eating animal's meat. On the Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC) website, is a segment called One Curious Ingredient, written by Michelle Peters-Jones which explores the wackiest and craziest food ideas you have ever heard of. Michelle goes on to research these interesting foods to see what they're all about and discovers some pretty amazing things along the way. In this edition of One Curious Ingredient, she found out that there is a farm for crickets in Canada, the farm is called Entomo Farms and it's located in Ontario and the farmers obtain crickets from all over the world to raise for human and pet food.

So how would you go about eating these creepy crawlers, assuming you wanted to try them out? Well, you can buy them pre roasted or you can roast them yourself. You can even sauté them in a pan with oil and seasonings much like you would do with meat. Michelle even tried a couple herself after buying them at an organic market. Her verdict was that if she ever ate them again, she would remove the legs first before eating them because she could feel them wiggling down her throat, even though the cricket was no longer alive. As far as the nutritional value of the crickets, these little guys are supposedly packed with protein and fibre with some great B vitamins omega 3s, iron and calcium. The cooked critters can even be ground up into a powder to provide an easy way to get in the nutrients without having to actually munch on a full bug, and you can use it as a flour to add some more nutrition to baking. So what do you think? Even if they have all of this nutrition, would you be interested in incorporating them into your diet? Would you try just one of them to see what they're like?***

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