The Most Efficient Way To Clean Window Blinds

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Searching for the most efficient way to clean window blinds? We all love our blinds and the privacy they give us, but they are a royal pain when it comes to cleaning – for some, it can be a household chore that takes an entire day to perform, depending on how many blinds you have in your home. Here’s an excellent cleaning hack that will save you time and energy, and free you up to do more important things – like cleaning the window and doors.

Window blinds are a kind of window covering that differ from curtains in that they often consist of metallic slats that can be operated using a string or rod, while curtains are strips of fabric that can be opened or shut, concealing a window entirely. Blinds are also much thicker than curtains, offer more privacy, and are much easier to close. The most common kind of window blind consists of either vertical or horizontal panels made from various metals, plastics, bamboo, or wood. These panels are woven together with rope that winds through holes punctured into each of them. Unlike shades, which are one solid piece of material that can be pulled down to cover the entire window, blinds can be positioned to let a certain amount of light in. Although window blinds are extremely popular in North America today, being the standard of window dressing for most homes, condos, and apartment buildings, they also have a rich history that comes to us from Asia, Africa, and Europe. Traced back to the Egyptians, the first blinds were made from stringing reeds together.

The early Chinese cultures often used prolific bamboo rods to make them. These first blinds were made to shield pharaohs and other royalty from the hot sun. They were also used to keep craftsmen cool as they toiled away at their work. The success of early blinds must have been significant as they are still thriving in the world today. It was the Persians who first brought blinds to Venice, and that’s where the term Venetian Blind was born. In the late 1700s, English inventor Edward Bevan won the first patent for Venetian blinds. He’d developed a slightly more sophisticated version – one that you could easily operate in order to let the light into a room, or keep it out, depending on the situation. In 1841, a man by the name of John Hamspon further developed the Venetian blind into a form that was even easier to use and gave the operator even more control over the slats’ angles.

While we celebrate these clever inventors for creating the window blinds that we know and love today, we’ll also applaud Rachel over at the One Crazy House website for coming up with this brilliant hack for cleaning them. This window blind cleaning tip is so simple, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it yourself. For more awesome DIY tips, hints, and advice on how to make housecleaning easier, you’ll definitely want to drop by sometime.*

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