Sweet Cheese Cookies

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These Sweet Cheese Cookies look and sound delicious! This recipe is amazingly simple and seems very quick to prepare these Sweet Cheese Cookies. You could have a batch of 80 cookies in no time at all! If you don't need that many, than you can always cut the recipe down, or you can just be a sweet heart and give the people you love some cookies. The photos that show the little cookies look absolutely darling. They look like nice little pillows of sweetness. This recipe comes from a traditional Ukrainian recipe, and they were very common in earlier days, and called Sochniki in Ukrainian.

What is not to love about these Sweet Cheese Cookies? I mean you have a nice crispy cookie dough on the outside, and then you have the creamy, sweet centre part. Sounds like a little bite of heaven to me. Who doesn't love cheese and cookies? The cheese part of the recipe is a farmers cheese, which you can find in some delis and you can even make it yourself. It resembles ricotta cheese, but I have been told that the flavour is different. The author over at Moms Dish says that it is really easy to make at home though, and only would take about 10 minutes. But if you are short on time, make sure you find some at your local deli or Ukrainian shop.

These are kind of like a Ukrainian version of Cannelloni, like Italians make. The Italian version is a little pastry rolled up into a cone and then filled with ricotta sweetened cheese. So you can see how they have their similarities, but this one is more of a pocket and a cookie. These would be wonderful for Christmas time, or anytime you need to make a lot of cookies that everyone will love! Head over to 'Moms Dish' by following the link in the section below for the recipe and more!

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