Sweet and Savory Meatballs

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These sweet and savory meatballs are the perfect easy meal throughout the week because they are comforting, sweet and savory. This meatball recipe, from Jamie at Jamie Cooks It Up recipe blog, is a take on the flavors of classic meatloaf. Many meatloaf recipes consist of ketchup, as well as eggs and breadcrumbs for binding. These homemade meatballs have all of the characteristics of meatloaf but also includes a sticky sauce. These meatballs can be served with anything from roasted potatoes and veggies to being stuffed into crusty buns. If you are looking for protein for lunches and dinner throughout the week, consider making this easy meatball recipe and place in the refrigerator until needed.

There are many methods for how to make homemade meatballs. Any meat mixture that requires binding into a patty, meatball or loaf, needs something to bind it together. Often breadcrumbs are incorporated, which soaks up the moisture in the meat and liquids that are being used and becomes sticky enough to bind everything together. Sometimes stale bread can be soaked in milk, crushed and kneaded into a meat mixture as well. In the case of Jamie’s meatball recipe, saltine crackers are crushed for the binding. Crackers are an excellent substitute for fresh or dried breadcrumbs if that is all you have on hand because they are very dry and will absorb plenty of moisture. The crackers also add seasoning to the meat mixture, which means you don’t have to season with as much extra salt. Besides helping bind meat mixtures, bread or cracker crumbs also contribute to the texture of the final product. Using too many breadcrumbs can give a meatball an unpleasant, spongy texture, while just the right amount makes the meat super tender and melt-in-your-mouth.

The sauce for this meatball recipe is very glossy, thick and sticky. The sauce is very loose when it is mixed, but it thickens and becomes an addictively sticky glaze as it cooks. Some people who want to enjoy sugar-restricted diets may have some issues with the sauce of this dinner recipe, but there are ways to adapt the dish just for you. The store-bought barbecue sauce will undoubtedly contain some sugar, so if you want to limit your sugar intake, you could replace the brown sugar in the meatball recipe with a sweetener more desirable to you, like honey. If the sauce is still too sweet for you, you could simply increase the other ingredients to create a similar volume, and omit the sweetener altogether. Since the ketchup and barbecue sauce already contain a good amount of sugar, they should still adhere to the meatballs in an appealing way.

If you are looking for a meal for large families, this meat recipe makes a lot. At forty-eight meatballs, this dinner recipe will be more than enough to feed up to eight people depending on appetites. Thank you to Jamie, the author of Jamie Cooks It Up recipe blog, for sharing her sweet and savory meatball recipe with us.

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