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The Sink Twice is like nothing you've seen in the bathroom before. This innovative invention is a great way to save space and conserve water. This water saver would be an excellent addition to any off the grid house and sustainable housing. With the Sink Twice you can wash your hands with clean water and leave the soapy water that you washed your hands with, to be recycled and reused to clean your toilet when flushed. The Sink Twice is a great water saver, a leak detector and a space saver. This product has a one of a kind patent pending fill cycle diversion faucet that is a significant leap ahead of their competition in water efficiency. They even included a pressure reducer for use with the Sink Twice so if the pressure reduction is not required, the clear pressure reducer dubs as its own independent water saving device for use with a different toilet. Both the Sink Twice and the Fill Cycle Diverter will typically improve the efficiency of your toilets even if you do not use it to wash your hands. Their 400-ton injection machine produces a durable and cost effective sink basin. The sink basin has plenty of room on the flat soap holder to put soap containers, and the drain is designed to help prevent splashes. For toilet tanks that are wider than 16.75 inches with the toilet id off, this product will not work. The Sink Twice even fits most dual flush toilets with a bit of minor customizing. You will want to take a look at this innovative product. The Sink Twice would be an excellent idea of the camp or cottage too.

The Sink Twice is just one of the ways on how to be environmentally friendly and a great thing to use in your off the grid house or in sustainable housing. These days it seems that climate change and the environment are on everyone's minds, so the Sink Twice is a good way to conserve water, something people often take for granted. The Sink Twice fits on your toilet lid, turning the lid into a touch-free sink that reuses the gray water from washing your hands. The soapy, used water then drains directly into the toilet bowl, which saves up to two gallons of water per person, per day. Instead of wasting clean water to fill up the toilet, you can reuse it. The Sink Twice is convenient, easy to install, and the product fits onto the majority of toilet tanks. Kids especially love it, and if you just install it onto the kid's toilet, you'll still be reducing your water consumption every day. The Sink Twice is resourceful and saves you money on water bills. The space-saving design gives you the most room, even in the smallest of bathroom spaces. The SinkTwice will help you to conserve water. So when it comes to your water, the SinkTwice, makes every drop matters.

Some of the benefits of installing the Sink Twice in your off the grid house or sustainable housing include water conservation, saving money, promoting hand washing, teaching children to be responsible and clean, and encouraging people to put the seat down. Other benefits include keeping pets from drinking out of the toilet since the seat will be down and create flexibility and efficiency in your design. If you are wondering how to be environmentally friendly, this is a good place to start.

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