Removing Rust the Easy Way

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Just yesterday I was working on my new deck and pulled out some materials that I had purchased last year (when I didn�t finish my deck) to use only to discover that parts of it had rusted. So I set about learning about removing rust the easy way. So today I�m sharing what I learned. I hope it helps when this happens to you.

What is rust? Rust is what happens when metals like iron or steel are exposed to air once they have somehow encountered moisture. In my case, the specialized lugs I had purchased got water inside the plastic bag they were in and sat in it for a year or so. It was pretty rusty. Left long enough rusted materials will eventually disintegrate completely. Fortunately for me my lugs were still intact.

There are different approaches to removing rust that you can use depending on the surface you are dealing with. You can grind rust off, but it is an aggressive method to remove rust and can scar or scuff the surface you are working on. Sandblasting works if you have the tools. An easy method anyone can try uses citric acid powder that you can buy almost anywhere and soaking the item in water.

Here are the supplies you need:

�Citric acid powder


�Scouring pad

�Rubber gloves

�Protective eyewear

�Something to put it in large enough to hold your rusty items; e.g. a bucket

Here�s what you do:

1.Pour the citric acid powder into warm water in your container and let it dissolve. Add the items you want to de-rust. Let them sit awhile.

2.Wearing your eyewear and rubber gloves, start the scrubbing. You may or may not be able to remove all of the rust. You may need to allow more time for soaking.

3.Rinse and allow your materials to air dry.

Things to remember
1.Always try out something like this on a test area. It is possible the acid solution could discolor or even damage the surface you are trying to clean.
2.Always be safety aware. Keep items out of the reach of little children and away from counter edges where they could tip over and spill.

This is an easy way to clean rust, and it may work for your next project. The solution that is left can be safely poured down the sink.

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