Remove Paint from Skin in Seconds and A Sneak Peek

Photo Credit: Mom 4 Real

Painting is a bittersweet job, sure it's fun picking out the colours and getting all set up, but the mess is not so fun to clean up... Well here is an easy way to Remove Paint from Skin in Seconds and A Sneak Peek of a kitchen project from Mom 4 Real. The author Jessica, over at the blog Mom 4 Real, shows us just how easy it is to remove paint from your hands in one easy step with a great pumice powdered bar from WD-40 company. They company sent her some of the soap to try out, and luckily she had a painting project to work on, which is the sneak peek she shows us at the end!

So she tried out the soap and shows us in the video how well it worked out, and it was so amazing! The paint seriously just came right off of her hands! For those of you who know how hard certain types of household paint can be to get off of your skin, you will be happy to see how quickly and effortlessly this Lava bar works. The other nice thing about it, is there are minimal chemicals in it, so you don't have to worry about chemicals getting into your system. In fact, she says that the soap even smells good, and the exfoliating pumice powder left her skin feeling super smooth and not dry at all.

This would be great for guys, and girls too that are into working on vehicles, getting oil on their hands and such, it would probably work really good to take that off too. It's great to find new products out there that are not only awesome at what they are supposed to do, but have no chemicals in them either! Head over to Mom 4 Real by following the link in the section below for more!

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