Proper technique for cleaning your brick patio

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Brick patios can be a great addition to any backyard space. They provide a nice seating area without having to go through all of the trouble of building a wooden deck, and they're great if you would rather sit out on the ground level rather than up off the ground. Brick patios are generally pretty easy to install as well. You just need to map out the area where you want your patio space to be and dig a shallow hole in the soil and level it before you add in the bricks. You can also add some sand to level it out and then lay some landscaping fabric over top of the area so that weeds don't grow through. Once you have it installed, brick is actually great because it doesn't need much maintenance, at least not as much as wood tends to need. Though you will have some weeds grow in between the bricks over time and there may even be some moss growing on your bricks. Dead leaves can also leave stains on your brick causing them to look older than they are. Good thing there are some easy cleaning tips you can try out to get your brick patio stones looking as good as new or as close to new as possible.

You can also use these cleaning tips once a year for the regular maintenance of your patio stones. Cleaning the bricks once a year will leave them in great shape and they may ven last longer because of it too. To clean your patio bricks, you can begin by sweeping the entire patio are to get rid of any dirt and loose leaves or twigs. If you notice you have some weeds growing in between the bricks, you can spray them with some straight vinegar, leave it on the weeds overnight and then pick them out. Or you can pull them out with your hands by the root. If you have mould or mildew growing on the bricks, this cleaning solution will also take care of that. Just mix 2 cups of bleach in 1 gallon of warm water then spray or pour the mixture on your bricks and start scrubbing with a cleaning brush. Once you've scrubbed the patio stones really well, you can use a garden hose or a nozzle that has higher pressure. You can try using a pressure washer, but it might be too harsh for the bricks so use with caution. Using a pressure washer can be great on a concrete slab, but on individual bricks and pavers, it can cause some damage.

Once you've rinsed off the bricks, if you notice that any of the sand has come out of the joints, you can brush it back into the joints, or you can get some more sand to replace it with. Then just let the bricks air dry, and you'll see that they look almost as good as new. It's always fun to take before and after photos so you can really see the results. If you need more simple life hacks and cleaning tips for your garden and yard, My Home Outdoors is a great place to find more cleaning tips. They are also the owners of Pine Hall Brick and make earth friendly bricks. The company has been in business since 1922 an has produced hundreds of thousands of bricks for home building, commercial building, yard and garden landscaping and so much more. Brick is a great material to build out of since it's 100% natural, coming from the earth. Enjoy this, and more simple life hacks from My Home Outdoors.***

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