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Having a nice seating area in your backyard is essential, especially when the nice weather rolls around. Patio furniture can be quite expensive and if you've just moved into a new place or you're trying to save some money, you might want to try out some diy furniture ideas instead. That way, you can use your diy furniture and save up for the patio furniture you really want. The good news is, you can use affordable plastic chairs to make your own personalized diy furniture. If you have some old plastic chairs laying around, even better, you can spruce them up and make them into something beautiful without spending a lot of money. You can also purchase these plastic chairs for under $20 at your local home and garden centre or you could find some on Craigslist or at garage sales that you could easily use for these do it yourself home projects. Hometalk made a great slideshow of 30 awesome backyard chair ideas to try out. They took their favourite diy projects from the Hometalk community and put them all in one place so that they are easy to find.

For example, if you have a pool, you could try the diy furniture project that one Hometalk member Cherie Marie shares. She has a pool in her backyard, so she decided to cut the legs off of her plastic lounge chairs so that they sit flush with the pool. This way you could kick back and relax with your feet in the pool, so you stay cool while you're working on your tan. Cherie also painted them fun colours using spray paint to jazz them up a bit and to bring some more colour to your yard. You can paint these chairs whatever colours you like best or in colours that match your home and yard. If you have the metal lounge chairs with the plastic mesh at the back, you can also paint these with spray paint too. Courtney, another Hometalker shared her great idea to find a lounge chair cushion she liked and then choose a colour of paint that matched it perfectly. She then created her own fresh diy furniture by painting the metal and plastic with the brightly coloured spray paint which is such a great, affordable and easy way to update older furniture.

Even those nicer plastic Adirondack chairs can become faded over time, but a quick coat of new spray paint will bring them back to life. Hometalker Amy quickly intercepted her old Adirondack chairs from being taken to the dump and painted them a fresh white. She shows us how to do this entire process making it super easy and approachable. Then, when you're all finished repainting them you just throw some new outdoor cushions on them, and they look brand new. One of the other innovative do it yourself home projects is to use some decorative napkins to give your plastic chairs an update. You simply paste the napkins to the chair using glue and water and then you spray a lacquer to protect them from coming off. Now, if you happen to find or own some wicker furniture that looks like it's seen better days, you can also paint wicker with spray paint too. Just make sure you also spray these items with a protective spray as well. Have a look through all of the diy furniture ideas from the Hometalk slideshow and see which ones you could see yourself doing in your own backyard. Also, check out some of the other great do it yourself home projects on Hometalk.***

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