Natural Toothpaste for Healing Cavities

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We’re hearing a lot these days about the possibility of reversing dental decay with the help of a proper diet combined with natural, “remineralizing” toothpaste. There was a lot of hubbub a few months back about Kristin S., a mom who healed her son’s cavities and documented his progress with amazing photos that showed his cavity disappearing! In this article, you can find the recipe she used for her natural toothpaste, as well as the impeccable diet that went with it!

As Kristin herself stresses, there’s no point in using the toothpaste if you don’t first readjust your diet. We need to become more conscious of the foods we eat and their affect on our teeth if we really want to make a difference.

So what kind of diet did she set out for her son? First of all, she eliminated all sugars and grains (not that he ate any refined sugars or grains anyway, but he loved fruit). She cut out the daily dried fruits, nuts, and fruit-and-nut bars he had been eating. She started feeding him raw dairy products like milk and cheese as well as a fermented cod live oil and butter oil blend (which she provides a link for in this article). In addition, she started introducing cell salts, kefir made with milk, raw free range egg and eggshell smoothies, bone broth, grass-fed meats, and a few other incredibly healthy items.

As he did miss his fruit, she allowed him to eat one serving of either granny smith apples cooked in coconut oil or berries each day. Amazingly enough, he adjusted to this strict new diet in only about a week! I think it would take us a bit longer, but if it works – it’s worth it.

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