My Favorite Kitchen Hacks Using Pam Cooking Spray

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My Favorite Kitchen Hacks Using Pam Cooking Spray are some useful tips for life and how to make your life easier. Everyone’s got real life hacks and tricks on how to make your life easier. With most of those real life hacks and kitchen hacks being learned through experimentation which can also have disastrous results. After you take a look at some of these real life hacks and kitchen hacks on using PAM in the kitchen, you will most likely never look at the cooking spray the same again.

Most people know that PAM works well with baking pans and cookie sheets. There are however other ways of how to make your life easier with the cooking spray. You can use the spray on your knives to help cut so that you don't get a build-up of food; you can also use it to help foods from sticking to your knife while you are chopping vegetables and herbs. Another real life hacks for using PAM cooking spray is to use it on your measuring cups and spoons whenever you measure sticky, oily or gooey ingredients. PAM can make our lives easier when we use it on the cheese grater, rubber spatulas, and other kitchen tools. Using PAM cooking spray on your kitchen utensils is not only a way how to make your life easier, but it also doubles as a household cleaning tips as it makes cleaning kitchen tools easier. The good thing about this real life hacks is that PAM leaves behind 99 percent less residue than margarine to make our lives easier. Another real life hacks using PAM cooking spray is to use it in your ice cube trays when you are freezing recipes like pesto sauce. Spraying the PAM into the ice cube tray will have the individual pesto cubes popping out easily for use in recipes and cooking ideas. Using the PAM in the ice cube tray is also clean home tips as there will be no green stains to clean up afterward.

PAM cooking spray was first introduced in 1961 by Leon Rubin, who along with Arthur Meyerhoff marketed the spray at that time. The main ingredient in PAM cooking spray is canola oil. PAM is marketed in a variety of different flavor to include butter and olive oil, lemon and garlic so to impart the flavor of these ingredients when used in cooking. Using PAM for recipes, cooking ideas and real life hacks is a great way to save time and mishaps in the kitchen. Typically the use of PAM in the kitchen is a way to keep baked goods and recipes from sticking to the pan. PAM can also be used for kitchen hacks, household cleaning tips (if you consider the time it saves you from having to clean off baked on food) and clean home tips and ideas.

Thank you to Dennis at the recipe site "A Culinary Journey With Chef Dennis" for sharing how to make your life easier with his favorite kitchen hacks using Pam cooking spray. On his recipe site, you will find all sorts of recipes and stories form his life and adventures in Florida. He fell in love with food at an early age and began blogging in 2009 as a resource for his culinary students. Some of the recipes you will find on his site include appetizer recipes, beef recipes, bread recipes, breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, pizza recipes and more. Other recipes you will find on the site include pasta recipes, salad recipes, sandwich recipes, soup recipes, side dish recipes and more. You will also kitchen tips on how to make your life easier, household cleaning tips, real life hacks and kitchen tips that are useful tips for life. **

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