Make Your Own Breath Jar

Photo Credit: One Good Thing By Jillee

If you suffer from congestion for any reason, whether it is allergies, a cold, or sensitivity to particles in the air, this web site, One Good thing By Jillee, teaches you how to Make Your Own Breath Jar in order to get some relief. If you have used commercial products for congestion then you know how much trouble they can cause you. They can make you groggy so it is difficult to go to work, or they can wind you up so that you cannot sleep. As well, there is sometimes some thing called the ‘rebound effect’ where your symptoms come on much stronger after you have taken medication to relieve those very same symptoms.

So it may be better to set the commercial medical aids aside and try some old fashioned medicine. In this recipe, several different essential oils are blended and dropped on cotton balls. The balls are put in to a jar, and you breathe out of the jar. It is not rocket science, and it does a better job, at least in some cases, than the commercial stuff. Home made remedies are around for a lot of different problems and concerns from home made sleep aids, skin solutions, cleaning products and a host of other things, including your own breath jar. These creative solutions are often provided online by people who are suffering the same disorder or issue that you might be trying to solve, and their solutions are the result of experimenting with various things trying to figure out an answer to their problem.

Of course you have to weed out the crazies who will post things just for the fun of it, but once you find a site such as this one, One Good Thing By Jillee, keep it bookmarked. You never know when you may need another home made fix for a problem that you just did not expect to encounter. We hope this solution works for your breathing challenges.

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