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How Dependable is The Grid?

Life on the grid is dependable, easy, and affordable for the most part. Most of us use it faithfully and don’t think much about it; just another monthly expense. What if I told you that was all abo ... continued

Check out this cute little Pre-fab cabin

This quaint cabin would be ideally situated on a vacation property in the woods, on a lake or in the mountains. The Canmore cabins by Summerwood Products are small in size, which works well for lakefr ... continued

The perfect RANCHER log home ?

This rancher is the perfect home for placement on a holiday property or out in the country. It would even work well as a permanent home for those looking to simplify their lifestyle. The floor plans s ... continued

Is this the perfect guest log cabin for your property?

This tiny cabin is an excellent choice for a guest house on your property. This quaint building is complete with a bedroom, bathroom and living space, so your guest can have some privacy when they are ... continued

If You Think This Looks Like A Regular Tiny House ... the Interior will make you swoon!

If You Think, This Looks Like A Regular Tiny House you will be surprised when you look inside. This Incredible tiny house design is nothing short of inspiring. The tiny house interior design is unique ... continued

If You Think this is JUST Regular Tiny Log Cabin . . . You Will Want to Look Inside AND Underneath

You’re really clear on your tiny house dream – you want something affordable, portable, and easy on the environment. You also want it to be attractive and, most importantly, well built. But you’ ... continued

Check out the SPECTACULAR soaring ceiling of this log cabin . . .

The soaring ceilings of this luxury cabin are enough to make one think it isn’t a cabin at all. This Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin from the company, Zook Cabins, has eighteen-foot ceilings in the great r ... continued

Could this be a family dream log cabin? Check it out here --->

Whether you need to build a log cabin or prefab home, Zook Cabins is a company that specializes in providing you with the perfect setting at a fraction of the cost. Check out these wonderful Pioneer l ... continued

These ADORABLE pre-fab homes are MOVE-IN READY in just 6 months

The popularity of prefab homes is growing quickly, and it’s no wonder. They are energy efficient, fast to build, and therefore, more affordable than a stick-built home, which takes more time to cons ... continued

These Homes Are Delivered ANYWHERE and READY in 6 Months!

Many people choose to forgo building a house or even renovating a house because they perceive it will be a huge hassle and very expensive. If you have always wanted to build a house on your land, the ... continued

Perhaps the Perfect Prefab Home? Delivered & Perfectly Assembled Onsite in 6 MONTHS!

Karoleena Inc. builds wonderful prefab homes. In fact, they may be the very best. Located in Okanagan Falls, B.C., Karoleena specializes in designing and building prefabs. Prefabricated homes are ones ... continued

These Pre-Fab Homes Are READY in 6 Months, Delivered ANYWHERE

These modern prefab homes are sure to change the way you feel about prefabricated construction. Building a home can be a hassle, averaging about two years’ time. There is the problem of a short buil ... continued

The pre-fab homes are delivered TO YOUR DOOR & assembled in JUST a DAY OR TWO !!

Prefab homes come in many designs whether they are more traditional looking homes or log-style homes. The company, Karoleena’s, homes are some of the best prefab homes around because they have a sle ... continued

Free tiny house plans to check out if you are thinking of building your own . .

Here are some great free tiny house plans to check out if your are thinking of building your own tiny house on wheels. There are so many people building tiny houses now. The idea of living tiny is s ... continued

This is one of the FIRST tiny house plans especially designed - and ACTUALLY USED - for Full-Time Living

Building a home takes great patience and planning, but with the help of the internet, finding the plans is made easy. This is one of the first tiny house plans especially designed and actually used f ... continued

4 FREE Tiny Home plans you can BUILD YOURSELF!

The tiny house movement is extremely popular these days. One may wonder why initially, but upon further research will find that there are numerous benefits to a small house design. Yes, tiny homes can ... continued

This Design for a 3 Bedroom House Is So AWESOME --- Get the Plans Here -->

Check out this beautiful house plan for sale that features a 3 Bedroom vacation retreat home. This lovely house measures 1370 sq ft with three bedrooms, two bathrooms distributed along two floors with ... continued

800 Sqft ADORABLE House Plan for Sale ... Beautiful Open Space Concept ....

This gorgeous small cottage is surprising at only 800 square feet in size. It contains an open space floor plan with a kitchen and living area, plus two bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry area. This sma ... continued

Could This Be the Grandmother's Cottage That You Have Been Looking For?

This tiny cottage is designed by Minim Micro Homes and could be the perfect choice for your dream grandmother’s cottage. It is an easy model to transport to your desired location if desired. Minim M ... continued

The Amish Rancher cabin can be customized just for you ...

This Amish ranger cabin has plenty of appeal with a wooden exterior and everything required for living on the inside. This place is 28 x 36 feet, which is surprising because it contains a living room, ... continued

Is this log home TOO big for living?

Do you think this log home is too big for everyday living? It is a truly stunning model including large living areas, spiraling staircases and rustic log details throughout the home. Each part of the ... continued

Do you agree that this is a smart idea for growing food? Check it out ..what do you think?

Considering the growing population and decreasing of cultivable land, it is becoming more and more important to grow your own food. The World Bank estimates that the world’s population may grow to c ... continued

6 VERY Worthwhile investments for an Off-Grid lifestyle

Chances are, if you're thinking about making the transition to off grid life, you want to know what you need to get you started. Here are 6 very worthwhile investments for an off grid life. Having a ... continued

Small Log Cabins at a Very Reasonable Cost . . .

Whether you need to build a log cabin or tiny home it’s critical to define your requirements and make them specific to the right company. Hilltop Structures is a family owned business located in Na ... continued

These cute cabins have a 1000sqft footprint . . .

Check out these pioneer-style cabins, which are 1000 square feet in size and the perfect structure to place on a holiday property. This cabin includes a generous amount of room for sleeping a family o ... continued

Here are the BEST things about a classic straw bale house! Are you curious to know more.

When it comes to eco-friendly building materials and green building ideas, strawbale houses are one of the best choices. There are several advantages to strawbale houses the type of sustainable housin ... continued

Super cute RANCHER style home

This adorable rancher style home an incredibly spacious building, perfect for placing on your home property or using as a cottage. Small log cabins don’t always have the details available that this ... continued

This home uses 75% less energy .. check it out here --->

When it comes to building a home, there are many different ways on how to be environmentally friendly. These days there are more and more types of green building designs and sustainable housing ideas ... continued

Addicted to LOG HOMES? Check out the VIKING for some inspiration!

This generously sized log home, otherwise known as the Viking, puts other luxury log homes to shame. It consists of four levels including a kitchen, sunroom, dining room and mudroom. This log house ev ... continued

Check out the inside of this 800 Sqft SMART design to the most out of a small footprint. . . .

This 800-square foot home is the ideal start if you are wondering how to be environmentally friendly and desire to reduce your footprint on the environment. This building plan at Houseplans gives you ... continued

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