All natural homemade stainless steel cleaner

Stainless steel appliances can be tricky to keep clean, especially if you have children running around. And at times no matter how much you clean your stainless steel appliances, it seems that you hav ... continued

How to get rid of mice with cotton balls and vinegar

Having mice as unwelcomed guests in our homes can be pretty annoying. If you have ever had mice invading your home, you know that they can and will get into just about everything. They will eat the fo ... continued

The easiest way to remove baked on grease

Baking pans go through lots of use, and even when they are cleaned correctly, they oxidise and become discoloured. If you would like to know how to remove spots from your stainless-steel baking pans, ... continued

Here's how to easily save a scorched pan

Kitchen clean up can always do with the help of some good house cleaning tips and tricks. Especially when it comes to clean burned pots and pans. Sometimes after cooking, you might be left with burnt ... continued

The cheapest method to get rid of mold in the house

There is nothing quite as unsightly as finding mold growing in your house. Mold will thrive in damp areas such as window sills, basements, bathrooms and garages. And if you don't keep a handle on it, ... continued

The best homemade bathroom cleaner scientifically proven!

You are sure to agree that this is the easiest and best homemade bathroom cleaner around. You will want to take a look at the short video for the full instructions to this easy DIY idea. For this easy ... continued

How to clean dirty window tracks in minutes

Window tracks can get really dirty and gross, and it's a window cleaning job you want to do every so often to keep them looking their best. This tutorial on how to clean dirty window tracks will show ... continued

How do I clean black mold in shower silicone?

Mould is never a welcome sight to see in your home, and if you've found some, you probably want to know how to remove mold from your environment. A little bit of mould isn't a huge issue; it's when t ... continued

The absolute best homemade grout cleaner just 45 minutes to totally clean grout!

There are all sorts of recipes and house cleaning tips out there for homemade grout cleaner. But if you are looking for something that is effective and not too difficult to make, this is a good idea t ... continued

The easiest way to clean glass shower doors

It is a pain when glass shower doors become laden with water stains and soap scum, but there is an efficient and effective way of cleaning them, which you will be amazed by. Anna, the author of the As ... continued

White vinegar is a very potent cleaner. Here are 14 ways it can spruce up your house

When it comes to cleaning tips and tricks, there is one ingredient that is often overlooked that is a staple in almost everyone’s kitchen. White vinegar regardless if it's in a glass or plastic cont ... continued

Homemade cleaning solution for walls

Whenever you clean your home, often walls are a second thought unless they are looking very dirty. The fact is that just like everything else in your home, walls can get greasy and dirty as a result o ... continued

11 floor cleaning hacks that will make your life easier

We all want our homes to be clean, which is why it's so good to incorporate cleaning tips into your routine. These simple life hacks from The Krazy Coupon Lady could change the way you clean your hou ... continued

Expert car washer shares 13 cleaning hacks to keep the inside and outside of your car spotless

Is your car's interior in need of a good cleaning? We have some great cleaning tips from Shareably that will help make the process easier and less strenuous. Just like our homes need a good cleaning ... continued

Save space and conserve water! What do you think?? Installs in less than 5 minutes

The Sink Twice is like nothing you've seen in the bathroom before. This innovative invention is a great way to save space and conserve water. This water saver would be an excellent addition to any off ... continued

The Next time you are at Walmart, grab cheap string lights and copy this AMAZING idea to make your kitchen more cheery!

Here's a fun DIY project that will give a little mood lighting to your kitchen. If you like having a bit of ambience around the house in the way of soft lighting, you are sure to like this easy DIY id ... continued

The BEST inexpensive deck cleaner

When the weather gets warmer, it's the time of year that you most likely start to have family and friends over to hang out on the deck or outdoor patio. And while that might sound like a good idea, it ... continued

9 tricks for removing eyeglass scratches

Whether you wear eyeglasses out of necessity or as a fashion statement, chances are you have encountered unsightly scratches on the lenses. These glasses are often deemed unsuitable for wearing, espec ... continued

How to remove black mold

Mould is definitely not something you want to find in your house, especially black mould. But it happens, and sometimes even in newer homes. If black mould is too far gone, it can cause serious heal ... continued

FINALLY! The most efficient traps to get rid of fruit flies

If you are looking for diy ideas for getting rid of fruit flies, you don’t have to look anymore. The website, My Cleaning Solutions, has some information for how to make easy traps for fruit flies ... continued

A mom pours blue Dawn dish soap into hydrogen peroxide. The reason why? We didn't know this!

Stains are an inevitable part of laundry, and some are easier to get rid of than others. And depending on the size of your family, and whether or not you have a pet, you might be dealing with laundry ... continued

9 natural weed killers that will not murder flowers

Whether you're starting a garden, or you've had one for a while, you know that gardening comes with many amazing benefits. That being said there are also some not so amazing aspects of gardening incl ... continued

20 stubborn messes you can clean with a magic eraser ...

This is a video that everyone should see, with lots of great house cleaning tips using the magic eraser. You know the one, it's the cleaning sponge that works miracles on walls, baseboards and hard to ... continued

ICK! Cockroaches! How to effectively kill every single cockroach in your house without using a single chemical

Spotting a cockroach in your home can be quite a shock, especially if you've never had them before. While these bugs are not really too harmful in regards to biting or stinging, they can carry allerg ... continued

Have a cleaner kitchen every day in 10 easy steps!

The kitchen is among the most frequented places in the home, which is why it is one of the most difficult areas to maintain as well. With the weeks being so busy, often family members neglect cleanup ... continued

How to clean your keurig

Many people can't start their day without a hot cup of coffee or tea, and for many people, that means popping a coffee or tea pod into their handy Keurig machine. These helpful little appliances sit o ... continued

How to get rid of mice fast without poison

If you live out in the country, chances are you've shared your home with mice. Even in the cities, mice can be an issue in some apartment buildings and homes too. Mice, while pretty harmless to human ... continued

3 fixes for dusty blinds

Dusting the blinds is a big job, especially if you live in a large house with plenty of windows. Sure blinds are great; they allow us to moderate the level of privacy we have and the amount of sun th ... continued

15 Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Dirty Car

Although everyone loves a clean space, chances are your car isn’t getting the care it deserves. Cars get used on a daily basis, which means the car gets dirty increasingly fast, but also means that ... continued

The secret to getting spotless and dust free baseboards

The baseboards are just one of the spots that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The entire house can be clean, but if you've forgotten about the baseboards, the room will not look it's best. Base ... continued
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