Creamy Pea Salad!

Creamy pea salad offers a great variation and change from the traditional potato salad that so often accompanies summer meals. Made with plenty of cheese, this dish is sure to please everyone on your ... continued

No-Bake Double Peanut Butter Bars

So I heard you like peanut butter (and who doesn't?) and I have got the perfect dessert recipe for you: no-bake double peanut butter bars. That's right, this is a dessert that gives you double the yum ... continued

3-Ingredient Lemon Crumble Bars

Want an easy 3 Ingredient Lemon Crumble Bars recipe? Then try this one. And make sure you have the kids nearby; they can practically make this recipe by themselves. This lemon crumble bars recipe star ... continued

CrockPot Cabbage, Potato and Smoked Sausage

This Crock Pot Cabbage, Potatoes and Smoked Sausage recipe is one of those easy cabbage recipes that you can offer not only a tasty dish, but also one that has good cabbage nutritonal value and potato ... continued

The BEST Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread

Homemade buttermilk cornbread is one of the best quick breads you could make. Of course, any quick bread that is made from scratch is fabulous, but this little quick bread has lots of extras to offer. ... continued

Easiest 3 Ingredient No Bake Pudding Cake

When you see a recipe such as this one that is just an Easy 3 Ingredient No Bake Pudding Cake, you know it is time to put your feet up, and get the kids in to take over the kitchen. Let them put on th ... continued

The Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever!!!

It is always fun to read yet another claim for The Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever recipe. That is because every person who makes a scalloped potatoes recipe, usually has had that recipe passed down to t ... continued

Lemon Lovers Pound-Cake

Every one loves the taste of lemon in a cake, and you have that tangy and sweet taste in spades in this recipe for Lemon Lovers Pound Cake. A pound cake is a beautiful thing. It is a simple and elegan ... continued

Best Potato Salad Ever

Craving potatoes? Drop that bag of potato chips and try this potato salad recipe instead. You can tell that this is the Best Potato Salad Ever because it is loaded with a bunch of different flavors th ... continued

Sweet Potato Pecan Bread

This warmly spiced sweet potato pecan bread recipe is all you will need for a simple dessert or indulgent breakfast. This bread recipe consists of mashed sweet potato, pumpkin pie spice and crunchy ch ... continued

The BEST Coconut Cream Bundt Cake

Try this recipe for a Coconut Cream Bundt Cake, and discover just what huge flavor you can get when you bake using coconut cream or milk. The flavor is rich and wonderful, and really quite different f ... continued

2-Steps for Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

When I bought my microfiber couch, the shop owner was adamant that it would be the easier fabric in the world to keep clean. That you could literally spill and wipe it off! Eventually though, regardle ... continued

How To Clean a Glass Stovetop With Baking Soda YES it really works!

So what about cleaning your glass stovetop? Do you already have a simple solution? I have had my new glass top stove for just over a year now. I was so excited to be getting a new stove after years a ... continued

Streak free window cleaner...NO SQUEEGEE required!

If window cleaning is part of your annual spring cleaning practices, you may want to check out Jillee’s methods, the author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog, for getting windows shiny new without th ... continued

7 Things to do EVERYDAY to keep the house clean...

Cleaning and organizing the house take time. It, not something that will happen overnight, so it's good to come up with some household cleaning tips and tricks to get you on the right track. It's a go ... continued

The secret to sparkling shower doors

Sometimes the best house cleaning tips are the most subtle ones. A bathroom or a kitchen can look so much cleaner when the glass shower doors are cleaned or the oven door. Because you don't always hav ... continued

Classic Pineapple Fluff

You know you’ve made your guests happy when pineapple dessert recipes like this pineapple fluff recipe with just six ingredients taste the out-of-this world. The exotic flavors of the pineapple toge ... continued

The perfect little affordable cabin ..check it out!

The dormers on this cute wood cabin are a nice feature that sets this log home kit apart from other. The Caribou Model is a Reverse Gable log home kit that has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a ... continued

Would your Mother In Law love this cottage? Check out the floor plans!

This mother in law home cabin kit might just be the thing to make her happy. The log kit is the perfect mother in law cottage that is designed with the building option of adding on an outdoor porch to ... continued

Complete cabin READY TO SHIP!

This is just one of the wood cabins you might consider investing in for a turn key wood cabin. This beautifully built log home kit is prebuilt by the Amish who are known for their attention to detail ... continued

$17,800 for this Cute and Cozy 3 Room Cabin Kit

One look at this adorable wood cabin and you'll find yourself day dreaming of the life you could have. Imagine having a place to go in the warmer months, and spending holidays throughout the year. A w ... continued

The PERFECT basic 2 bedroom cabin

It's easy to imagine you and your family land friends hanging out in this beautifully crafted wood cabin. The Lake Cabin is just one of the log home kits you might consider when thinking about cabin b ... continued

Check out the FLOOR PLANS of the Mother-In-Law Cottage starting at 16,800 .. learn more

On a budget? The mother in law cottage is only $16,800 for the 14 x 40 basic model. For the premium model, the 14 foot by 28 foot basic model, you get one bedroom, one bathroom and a living room and ... continued

Easy Kentucky Butter Crunch Cake

This Kentucky Butter Crunch Cake recipe is another fantastic dessert recipe for a butter cake. This cake recipe always tastes better the next day as the butter in the cake makes the texture moister wh ... continued

How to get rid of mold naturally in 3 easy ways

If mold is a problem in your house, you will want to know how to remove mold with natural ways that are safe to use around your family and for the environment. Dangers of mold in your home can include ... continued

Spray This Oil And You Should Never See Mold Again

Mold is something that you don't want lingering in your home, that is why you will want to know effective ways how to remove the mold before it becomes a problem. The dangers of having mold in your ho ... continued

Mold Why It Grows, How To Clean and Prevent It

When it comes to you and your family, it's important to know the dangers of mold in your home, what kills mold and how to remove mold. Mold is the term that is used to describe a growth that is on the ... continued

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Bleach To Clean Mold

It is important to know how to remove mold and what kills mold if you are faced with mold growth in your home. Knowing how to remove mold is necessary as exposure to damp and moldy environments may ca ... continued

This Best Home Solar Kit Can Save You $3600 in Bills per Year!

The new all-in-one solar kit works for all of your off-grid power needs. This solar for your home kit is designed with true off-grid life capability; you can charge your battery bank with solar panels ... continued

1400 sqft Log Cabin in a Rancher Style - Check out the Inside ...

This 1400 sqft Ranch style log home is all you ever need to live on one floor. Consider this log home if you are looking to buy a perfect holiday home that meets the need to fit a large family or your ... continued

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