ICK! Cockroaches! How to effectively kill every single cockroach in your house without using a single chemical

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Spotting a cockroach in your home can be quite a shock, especially if you've never had them before. While these bugs are not really too harmful in regards to biting or stinging, they can carry allergens and germs that can make us sick. You don't want these guys climbing all over your food or your body, so even if you just spot one or two, it's a good idea to act fast, because where there is one cockroach, there will be more to follow. Studies have been done that show cockroaches can spread many different types of bacteria, as well as pathogens, Salmonella, E.coli and parasitic worms. Even the dead cockroach bodies and their faeces could cause allergic reactions. The thing is, these brownish coloured insects are hard to kill, and even though they're sometimes really large, they can slide into some of the smallest hiding spots. You can smack them really hard with a shoe and they will still be alive and crawling. That's because they have a very hard exoskeleton. It's even said that they can survive a nuclear blast. There was evidence found of this after the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. While other life forms ceased to exist, there were cockroaches still crawling around the ruins. So what can we do to kill these annoying bugs?

There are many chemical cockroach sprays that will wipe out the bugs, but these contain toxins that are also harmful to humans and animals. Also, because of their resilient nature, the cockroaches may become immune to these insecticides, and they will learn to avoid them altogether. Plus, cockroaches will likely avoid bait devices and regimes. If you have cockroaches in your home, they are most likely to be attracted to warm, moist areas and, of course, food. To try and prevent them from being attracted to your home in the first place, you can keep food contained in the fridge or in sealed boxes that they can't get into. You can also keep your home very clean and sanitised to keep them at bay, but if you live in an apartment complex where suites are connected, this will make it harder to get rid of the cockroaches completely because they can transfer from one suite to another easily.

Simple Tasty Recipes has some natural cleaning tips for us to try to get rid of cockroaches. You can safely try these in your home without worrying about any toxic chemicals in your home. One of the solutions is these Borax Balls which is made of boric acid powder. You can find this powder in the laundry section of a store, and it's harmless to humans and pets. Although, it's deadly to cockroaches. Boric acid will break down the skeleton of the cockroach, as well as dehydrate it. So making these Borax balls will give the cockroaches a good dose of poison that will start to work in a day or so you will see it begin to work. First, you'll mix a raw egg yolk and Borax together until they are well mixed. Then, wearing some latex gloves, make some small balls about 1 centimetre wide. Place the balls out on a Pisces of parchment paper and let them dry out. They should be dry in about an hour and ready to place around your house. Again, make sure that you're not leaving food around and that there aren't any leaks from pipes in your home or excess moisture. Place the Borax balls in the areas you've seen the cockroaches in the most and wait for them to eat the deadly poison. Luckily, you'll get rid of all the cockroaches in your home for good with these household cleaning tips.***

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