How To Spring Clean With Safe Products

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Spring Cleaning Time is here! For many this is an energetic, exciting time, for others it is a time of dread. There are so many chemical based cleaning products on the market, and, unfortunately, that is what is mostly used. Cleaners with chemicals are not only harmful to the environment; they are also harmful for you! Breathing in these perfumed, well disguised hazardous to your health cleaners is as common as can be! Sexy, appealing advertising has created the illusion of easy cleanup methods with well promoted cleaning products. It is very difficult not to fall prey too! Made with Hazardous chemicals? Stike ONE.

These cleaners are also very expensive, so that is TWO strikes against them. Strike THREE is the health factor. Women out there that are innocently subjecting themselves and their children and loved ones to a toxic environment! Household cleaners are just scary, and so are diseases like cancer that sneak up from who knows where? Anything toxic in your home cannot be good.

The rule in my household is no chemical agents! It is exciting to know that you can do your spring cleaning effectively with a few basic products that are not going to do harm.

Our best friends for cleaning are white vinegar, baking soda and water.

You can make your own safe, effective cleaning products. One product I make as it is nice to have a citrus smell is orange vinegar. You simply get a jar, fill it with orange peels, add the vinegar and let it sit a couple weeks. Then, when you want to wipe down the kitchen dinner table and kitchen counters, you can simply use a little of the fresh smelling orange vinegar on a CLEAN wiping cloth. Clean being the optimum word here ladies. You should use a clean wash. Can you imagine the amount of bacteria that grows in those damp washcloths, even in a day!

Please watch video tutorial and read some great ideas from the 'Canadian Health Food Association' website below.

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