How to Make Your Own Swiffer Floor Duster Sweeper Refill Pads

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Who wasn't totally happy to see Swiffer products on the market? I know I was. I just could not seem to keep the dust up from my floors, especially with my dogs. But costs for the refill pads can be prohibitive unless you know how to make your own Swiffer floor duster sweeper refill pads! That is the tip this website brings you today. The cost of those refill pads can really add up so knowing how to make them yourself can save a big chunk of your weekly budget. Then you can take the savings and buy something really special for yourself!

The inventor of this great way to save on your budget comes from Cathy Zelda who touts herself as a 'techno mom' who dabbles in everything. We can be really glad that she spends some time inventing. The cost of floor duster sweeper refill pads can really add up, but with her method you will that you no longer need to buy them any more. As well, her invention uses and reuses ordinary household products that you likely already have at home. So you don't have to go out and buy other things in order to make these refill pads at home. The other advantage of her pads is that you know what goes in to the scent. Some people can be very sensitive to smells and this helps you solve that problem in your house. This method is environmentally friendly, too. So you can go green and at the same time get clean!

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