How to Get Rid of Dust and Odours: a Few Helpful Strategies

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DUST!!! Is it only me and my environment that always seems to have a light layer of dust. How is it even possible when you 'just dusted!'. The article we are going to share is going reveal some strategies to help us learn How to Get Rid of Dust and Odours.

Dust loves clutter, and the more clutter you have, the more places those little dust bunnies can float onto, so one of the first tips is to minimize the amount of 'things' you have out on display. Have you ever noticed that when you dust you see particles flying into the air. Many of these settle back down onto your carpert, so make it a habit to vacuum after you dust. The insides of our homes take on odours throughout the day and the only way to really help that is to 'change the air' by opening your windows for at least 10 minutes and let a flood of fresh air come in. In the winter you may not be as interested in this, but, even a minute or two of cold fresh air blasting into a room will make it smell fresher.

As far as dusting goes, what is dust? Dust is particles. These particles are made up of pollens, animal hair, dust-mites and even dead skin. It all sounds pretty gross! This is why there is always dust around though. Getting in the habit of dusting a couple times a week will make your environment feel cleaner and you won't be breathing in as much of these particles. Using a damp duster is better than a dry one as the dust adheres better. If you have an ostrich feather duster, that is one that works as these feathers have and electric charge that attract dust! Interesting, no wonder in old movies you see the maid with an ostrich duster.

There are more tips to learn both about dusting and about odour control and we would like to redirect you to the 'Cleanipedia' website just below for the information.

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