How To Clean Your Own Air Ducts

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Cleaning a house can be a lot of work, so you can never have too many house cleaning tip and tricks to get your house looking its best. One job that often gets overlooked is cleaning the air ducts. It's important to regularly clean the air ducts as they are what keeps the air circulating through your house, so you want them to be properly cleaned. Knowing how to clean your air ducts can save you a lot of money, as its expensive to pay someone else to do it. This is a cleaning job you can do once a year, and maintain once a month. And you might even notice less dust settling on your furniture once you make this a regular part of your cleaning schedule. The good news is that these house cleaning tips for air ducts aren't all that difficult to do if you use the right tools and make a point of following directions. And no you won’t get as deeply into your duct system as a commercial company will do, but it will make a difference, and your house will be cleaner for it.

The tools you will need for these air duct house cleaning tips include a vacuum cleaner with accessories and attachments, a dust brush for your vacuum, rotary dryer vent brush cleaning system, cordless drill with flathead and Philips bits, and microfiber pad. To start remove the register and clean the air duct. Floor registers are easy to remove simply lift them up. Wall registers take a little more work as they may have to be unscrewed using a cordless drill. Either way, you will want to remove and wash the vent in a sink of hot, soapy water, then rinse the vents and let them air dry. Metal vents can also be cleaned in a dishwasher, though if you’ve painted the vent on your own, you should probably wash them by hand. Once the vents are out of the way, attach the vent brush to the end of your cordless drill. Make sure the attachment is firmly attached to the drill before feeding it into the duct because you do not the brush detaching and getting lost in your duct system!

You will want to wipe the inside of the duct and its surrounding area. Using a damp microfiber pad, reach down into the air duct as far as you can and wipe the interior clean with the cloth. You’ll want to rinse the microfiber pad repeatedly because chances are you’ll most like find a lot of dust and debris in there the first time you do this. For more stubborn dirt, it’s okay to spray a bit of homemade all-purpose cleaner on the cloth before wiping.

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