How to Clean Your Mattress

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There is nothing like a freshly made bed before going to sleep. Sheets get changed regularly, but mattresses are seldom thought of. Of course, you can’t change your mattress every week as you would with your sheets, but what you can do is employ some cleaning strategies for refreshing your mattress. Even though cleaning a mattress may sound strange, it is entirely possible. Calli, the author of Make It Do lifestyle blog, gives detailed instructions for cleaning a mattress. The process is so easy because it uses a couple of household tools, like baking soda and a vacuum. You will wonder why no one told you of this before.

The main product Calli is relying on to clean her mattress is natural baking soda. This fact is no surprise since baking soda has been touted as the everything cleaner having a place in all household cleaning tasks. If baking soda is combined with water or vinegar, it will form a paste and lift up grease and grime from pots and pans, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, carpets, furniture and curtains. Baking soda also refreshes items and makes them smell pleasant again. Baking soda is an excellent choice if you are on the search for natural cleaners because it is completely food safe. After all, baking soda is a main component of baking, and it can even be used to whiten teeth. This king of cleaning reduces the smell in mattresses and is ideal for dust mite control when combined with a vacuum cleaner.

As much as baking soda is an excellent choice for reducing unfortunate odors from mattresses, it is always nice to make your bed smell a little more special. Calli offers the advice to mix the baking soda with an essential oil like lavender, which would add a floral scent to your mattress. There is no wonder lavender is connected to cleaning. In fact, many commercially based cleaning products are scented with lavender to make them more appealing to the home. Lavender is so much more than its scent, though. Lavender has strong antibacterial properties, and lavender oil was used as an antiseptic during World War 1 when other antibacterial products were hard to come by. If you don’t enjoy the scent of lavender, you could substitute with an essential oil that is more suited to your tastes. Alternatively, if you find it hard to bear strong smells, you could omit the essential oil all-together.

If you can apply Calli’s methods to cleaning a mattress, then surely it can be applied to other furniture as well. Rather than simply vacuuming or cleaning off living room couches and chairs, consider sprinkling the baking soda on top and allowing to sit for an hour or two to help lift odors. Calli’s cleaning methods not only show you how to clean your mattress, but also other plush items in your home. Thank you to Calli, the author of Make It Do lifestyle blog, for sharing her easy instructions for cleaning a mattress.

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