How to Clean Your Garborator

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When it comes to keeping your kitchen well organized, cleaning kitchen drains and maintaining garborators are par for the course. When you think about it, garborators save us a lot of work in the long run – helping to break down large chunks of organic debris that would otherwise clog our drains. They are especially helpful when we are tidying the kitchen after a big cooking session, eliminating the time it would otherwise take to dispose of food waste. When they do so much for us, it’s important to clean our garborators regularly, to help maintain them and keep them in good working order. There are plenty of commercial garborator cleaners on the market, but green cleaning products are the best because they’re non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners that are easy on the environment. There are also lots of homemade cleaning products available these days that you can use to clean everything in your kitchen – from the fridge to the stove to the sink. And we happen to know a great, natural DIY garborator cleaner that will not only leave it sparkling but will also freshen the smell and sharpen the blades.

Before we get to the best cleaning products for your garbage disposal, let’s talk a little bit about proper garborator maintenance. A well-maintained garborator is a healthy one and will save you a great deal of money when it comes to repairs. First of all, be very careful what you put down your drain. Garborators are very efficient, but they can’t grind up everything. Avoid putting small hard materials down your disposal – for example, popcorn kernels, bones, and shellfish. You should refer to your garborator manual for an exact list of objects you should never put down your drain.

One of the best natural cleaner ingredients you can have in your home is a lemon. Lemons are more than just good for you to eat; they can clean just about anything around the house, including your garborator. Lemons have natural antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties that can help you clean your home naturally. Additionally, all citrus fruits have a fresh, clean scent that can spruce up the air even in the smelliest environment; that’s why lemon scent is often used in many different air fresheners. There’s nothing quite as fresh as the scent of fresh, natural lemon zest, however, and that’s why it’s a good idea to put lemons down your garborator on a regular basis. You can collect discarded lemon peels from cooking meals, or even bring them home from your favourite drinks after an evening out. Adding lemons to your garborator at least once a week will not only clean and disinfect it, but it will leave it smelling fresh and clean as well. And this is just one of the three key ingredients listed in this article that will help you clean, deodorize, and sharpen your garborator’s blades.

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