How to clean your dryer ducts

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Many do laundry on a weekly basis but don’t think about upkeep beyond cleaning out the lint trap. The truth is that the dryer ducts require cleaning out, too, although not nearly as frequently. As Brittany, the author of Pretty Handy Girl, states, it is recommended to clean the dryer hose on the dryer once a year to prevent the possibility of a block. Similar to clogged drains, a dryer hose can be blocked up with lint, which causes the dryer to work much harder than before, and increases the possibility of a fire. Although one could employ professional cleaning services to clean out dryer ducts, the service can be costly, especially when one can do it themselves. This would be a perfect job to tack onto your Spring cleaning list, and Brittany offers step-by-step instructions along with photos for cleaning dryer ducts with ease.

There are many household cleaning tips that are helpful to maintaining a more efficient home, but Brittany’s methods for cleaning dryer ducts is integral to any home owner. Not only will a clogged dryer hose potentially cause a fire because of flammable lint, but it may also burn out the heating element on your dryer. Rather than employing cleaning services to do the job for you, follow Brittany’s handy guide, which involves removing lint from the lint trap, as well as the inside of where the lint traps attach by using a bendy brush. Her process also involves removing the hose from the dryer and vacuuming to suction out all the built-up dust. Some of Brittany’s readers even suggest using a leaf blower in place of a vacuum since it is so high powered. Just make sure it isn’t a gasoline run leaf blower in case of carbon monoxide poisoning, or if it is, that the home is well ventilated at the time of use. Brittany recommends using a hose brush that is specifically designed for cleaning dryer ducts and gives some choices of where to purchase one.

As Brittany notes, the first step to cleaning ducts on a dryer is to unplug it, and if your dryer runs on gas, turn off the gas before doing anything with the appliance. If you find the dryer ducts difficult to access, you will want to get someone to help you move the dryer so you can reach the ducts easily. Another important thing to inspect, especially if you live in an older home, is what style of dryer exhaust tube you have. Foil and vinyl dryer exhaust tubes are considered fire hazards and should be replaced with a metal one instead.

Whether you maintain a constant practice of cleaning your dryer ducts yourself, employ a professional or have never thought about doing either before, Brittany’s instructions will be incredibly helpful to you. Her instructions may allow you to learn how to do the job yourself and save the cost of hiring a professional cleaner. Thank you to Brittany, the author of Pretty Handy Girl lifestyle blog, for explaining how to clean dryer ducts easily.

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