How to Clean your Coffee Grinder

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This short video (at the Tip Hero link below) on How to Clean your Coffee Grinder might just be the easiest house cleaning tips and tricks that you will find. Coffee and spice grinders are great little devices to have around the kitchen. They help you to create quickly fresh and great-tasting coffee and seasonings. When it comes to house cleaning tips on cleaning coffee grinders they can be a bit tricky. So this easy to do house cleaning tips and tricks is just the thing to get your coffee grinder shiny and new again. This little house cleaning tips couldn't be any easier, and you most likely have the one ingredient that you need already in your house. The house cleaning tips and tricks for cleaning your coffee grinder is as easy as adding some rice to your empty coffee grinder, grinding it and emptying it. Then use a damp cloth and wipe the outside of it, and your coffee grinder will be like new again. You can always repeat this easy house cleaning tips and tricks if you feel it didn't get the coffee grinder clean enough the first time. Don't you wish all house cleaning tips were this easy?

In just 10 seconds, all you need is to put some dry white rice (about 1/4 cup) into your dirty coffee grinder and grind! Once the rice is ground - the grinder will be clean, just like magic! Incredible!

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