How to Clean a Cooking Oil Spill

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Can it get any worse than oil spilled on your just cleaned floor? It causes such a slick and slippery mess it will leave you wondering how to clean a cooking oil spill and actually get all of it up. Oil has the most amazing way of just staying where it is even after you wipe it up and think you have cleaned the area carefully and completely. Worse, oil seems to attract every bit of dirt you may have on your floor and creates a gunky grime that just seems impossible to every really get off the floor. Read on to find out what you can do when this happens to you.

Here is a first tip, though. Spills can happen to anyone when a slick bottle just slips from our hands. Be sure after every use to carefully wipe your bottle so it is entirely free of oil. Also be sure that your hands are clean. Sometimes when we are baking bread or other things for our family that require us to get our hands right in to it, we pick up our oil to use it but forget that our hands can leave a residue making it hard to get a good grip on the bottle. So one of two things happens. Either we drop the bottle or the next person who picks it up drops the bottle! So be sure your hands are clean and that after you use the oil bottle it gets wiped off.

In advance of such a spill, consider a small purchase to tuck away under your sink if you do not already have this product. Once the spill has happened, this product will come in very handy. Its kitty litter. Confused? Well, you wont be when you see how you can use this ordinary product to collect up slimy oil from your floor. If you keep large amounts of baking soda or cornstarch in your home, those can also be useful clean up products for spills and other accidents. But kitty litter is a really good product to have around to help you out with cooking oil spills.

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