Free tiny house plans to check out if you are thinking of building your own . .

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Here are some great free tiny house plans to check out if your are thinking of building your own tiny house on wheels. There are so many people building tiny houses now. The idea of living tiny is spreading like wildfire, giving people an alternative solution for housing. Housing prices have gone up significantly in the last decade and they don't show any signs of dropping dramatically any time soon, so it's very proactive to find another way to live. Many people aren't too concerned with the size of their home, they just want something that's new and that they can own, and of course, something that's very affordable too. Most tiny houses on wheels cost somewhere in the range of $10,000 and $70,000 depending on the size, design, materials and style, and also depending on if you build it yourself or if you hire a company to do all of the building. If you build your own tiny house, you're looking at a lower price because you won't be paying for the labour for it to be built. You can also source your own materials, and often you can find recycled materials for affordable prices or even free sometimes too. Much like Ana and her husband, who used some plywood as their flooring instead of installing high priced hardwood flooring.

The tiny home design for their tiny house is available on their website for free, which is awesome because many of the tiny house building plans can be quite expensive. All you have to do is download the drawings and plans for the home and then start gathering materials. The nice thing about Ana White's designs is that you can also watch videos of her and her husband in action building the tiny house. They are both carpenters by trade, so they have a lot of knowledge and information you can learn from. The tiny house is 24 feet long and 8.6 feet wide, which is just a little bit over the highway regulations, so they did have to get a permit in order to tow their tiny house on the highway. They built their tiny house in town and then towed it out to the lake where they are able to spend some nice, relaxing quality time as a family. The kids just love the tiny house as well, what kid wouldn't right? They especially love the upper loft area where they can hang out and read or play games, and look out the windows.

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