Fish To Eat or Not To Eat?

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This article talks about should you stop eating fish or make different kinds of choices with respect to fish or take other steps with respect to eating fish. Fish has been a controversial food for some time, especially as concerns over potentially toxic elements that fish accumulate in their bodies (and we then eat and accumulate in our own) have increased significantly. The increase in toxins is due to the increasing contamination from ocean disasters and even land disasters where toxins have leaked into ground water, made their way to streams and ended up in the oceans. The big problem is that we are mostly a world of water, about 75 percent of the earth is water, and so when something goes wrong, it will almost always eventually end up in the water, no matter what we do. As well, we require substantial amounts of water to survive and the things we eat also take up water. So if the water contains pollutants, so will we.

Fish live in water. They have to deal with toxic waste, chemicals and human disasters that send toxins in to the water system continually. Unlike humans and other land creatures we do not live in the water. Fish, though, live in it. Thus, their exposure is much higher than our own.

Still, fish are a fantastic source of nutrients, including omega-3s, protein, and other benefits that we don’t want to miss out on. Plus, it tastes great. This article takes a careful look at what some of the challenges are that fish face because of human contamination, and to what extent fish are impacted by the contaminants. It also discusses wild fish and fish farms and what the differences could be between these two types of fish. It is an interesting and informative piece of writing that will leave you thinking carefully about your own choices around fish.

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