Crockpot Sausage and Potatoes Recipe

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When busy throughout the week, crock pot recipes can be a source of inspiration. Crock pot meals are ideal when the family has better things to be doing than being cooped up inside the home or kitchen, because they are hands-off throughout the day, and produce the most comforting and delicious dinners. The website, Lil Moo Creations, shared this crockpot sausage and potatoes recipe, which is an excellent choice for when convenience is a requirement for dinner. This easy meal requires just five ingredients that all get put into the crockpot bowl and slow cooked for several hours. Considering the ease of this dish, it is hard not to consider putting it on the menu the next time your family needs a convenient meal for dinner throughout the week.

Since this crockpot recipe uses so few ingredients, the success of it will depend on the quality of the ingredients that are going in. A smoked pork sausage is the specification for this easy crockpot recipe, but there is such a variety of sausage meat out there with varying flavors. It is best to choose a sausage variety that your family enjoys the best, whether it be a pork-based bratwurst or kielbasa. If you are looking for a polish sausage recipe, this crockpot dish would be perfect since kielbasa is so smoky, savory and delicious. Kielbasa makes its way into many one-pot dishes because it is flavorful and doesn’t require cooking. If you don’t want the kielbasa to dry out due to the lengthy cooking time of this crockpot dish, you could add the kielbasa later in the cooking process since all it needs is a warm through.

The secret to the spicy taste in this sausage stew recipe is the use of a prepared Creole seasoning. Creole seasoning is simply a mixture of flavorful spices and herbs like paprika, cayenne, garlic, onion powder, thyme, oregano, and salt. If you can’t find Creole seasoning in your local grocery store, you could blend up a mixture of these spices for a homemade version. Making homemade Creole seasoning would allow you to adjust the level of spice in your dinners, especially if you have young children who may be tucking into the meal who can’t take spice. This sausage recipe, uses a small amount of Creole seasoning for a large amount of sausage and potatoes, though, so it shouldn’t be mouth-burning hot.

This easy crockpot recipe is so simple that it can be adjusted to your family’s tastes. If you will not be enjoying this dish with a green salad or steamed veggies, consider adding them into the stew recipe instead. Thinly sliced green cabbage is always an excellent pairing with sausage because it sweetens as it cooks. Stirring some chopped kale into the crockpot during the last fifteen minutes of cooking is a tasty contribution as well because the fresh, bitter leaves will contrast with all the other flavors. Thank you to Lil Moo Creations for sharing this crockpot sausage and potatoes recipe with us.

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