Cherry Cheesecake Thumbprint Cookies

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If you are a fan of cherry cheesecake, you will love this cherry cheesecake thumbprint cookies recipe, which incorporates cherries, graham crackers and cream cheese into a seemingly simple cookie. Allie, the author of Baking A Moment recipe blog, has a great love for cream cheese based drop cookies, as well as cherries, which is why she combines both in this cherry cheesecake cookie recipe. The cream cheese becomes part of the cookie dough, making them super light and melt-in-your-mouth, as well as adding a tangy undertone. A cherry gets pressed into the top of each cookie, adding stunning colour to the graham cracker speckled cookie recipe. If you love the flavour of creamy, rich cherry cheesecake, and fresh cherries, you will love this thumbprint cookie recipe.

These easy cookies are the ultimate comfort dessert, because of the inclusion of rich cream cheese to the dough. Since the dough will be quite soft and sticky when it is mixed, it will require chilling in the refrigerator before dropping onto baking sheets. Chilling the dough will also prevent the cookies from spreading, so they will retain their shape during baking in the oven. Thumbprint cookies usually comprise of a very mouldable dough, which you can indent and fill with your favourite ingredients, like jam, a chocolate spread or in this case, fresh cherries. Fresh cherries will require pitting, and there are a few ways you can do that and leave the cherry whole. One method for pitting cherries would be to use a toothpick or the sharp end of a corn grip to pop the stones out of the cherries. If the cherry tears a little, don’t worry though. You can just put the torn part at the bottom of this thumbprint cookie recipe, so it won’t be visible.

If you are searching for easy cookies to make, drop cookie recipes are the one that fits the bowl. The reason is that they are usually one bowl recipes, and can just be scooped and dropped onto baking sheets with no shaping. In the case of this version, one bowl is used, and one tablespoon portions are scooped and rolled into uniform balls. Allie provides a baking range for the cookies since oven temperatures vary. Even though they may seem soft in the oven, they will firm up after they have cooled. The best way to check whether these cookies are finished baking would be to take a look at the bottoms for a light golden colour. A small offset spatula is a great way of gently lifting one cookie to view its appearance from the bottom. These cookies will be so tasty when warm, but allowing them to cool on wire racks will help the cookies firm up, so they don’t break apart in your hands when eating.

This cherry dessert recipe will quickly become a favourite in your house for all cheesecake and cookie lovers. It will be an excellent way to showing off the bright, sweet taste of fresh cherries while lending these cookies elegant appeal. Don’t limit these cookies to fresh cherries though. You could also pile in several fresh blueberries with blueberry jam, or even opt for raspberries. These berries may not hold their shapes as well as cherries, but they will be very delicious nonetheless. Frozen cherries will be an excellent substitute for fresh if you want to make this cookie recipe out of season to add to your holiday dessert tray as well. Thank you to Allie, the recipe developer of Baking A Moment recipe blog, for sharing her cherry cheesecake thumbprint cookies recipe with us.

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