Cheesy Garlic Herb Scalloped Potatoe

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Here's a potato recipe that is sure to be a favorite. If you've never tried scalloped potatoes before, you are in for a treat. This popular potato recipe is usually reserved for holidays and special occasions, but after trying, you might have a new go to when you need a side dish recipe. This baked scalloped potatoes with cheese are made with a creamy secret ingredient that you will be sure to use again. This baked scalloped potatoes with cheese are the gourmet version of the recipe and look as nice as it is sure to taste. Whether you try this recipe for a potluck dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter is up to you, but it will work anytime of the year and is the perfect addition to any dinner table. This version of the recipe is the Hasselback potatoes way, so the potatoes are upright with the creamy recipe poured over so that each piece of potato gets some of the creamy goodness. But you could also make this baked scalloped potatoes with cheese layered or stacked, just like traditional scalloped potatoes. Both recipes are delicious and lovely; you just have to cook them at different cook times. If you choose to make the baked scalloped potatoes with cheese layered, you can cook the potatoes recipe about 30 minutes less than this Hasselback recipe version. Whichever way you make the recipe is up to you. And if you've never used Boursin cheese before, don't worry, it's just a herbed creamy cheese, that is similar to cream cheese in consistency. The cheese can be found at any grocery store, usually in the speciality cheese section. For the full baked scalloped potatoes with cheese, you will want to take a look at the site.

This baked scalloped potatoes with cheese recipe calls for Yukon Gold potatoes, but it's not always easy to know which potatoes work best. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to potatoes. With hundreds of varieties of potatoes available to growers and dozens, if you shop at the farmers' market. Even at your local grocery store, there might be five different varieties of potatoes. Most of us know which potatoes to use for a baked potato. Potatoes fall into three different categories to include starchy, waxy, and in-between potatoes.

Those with a high starch content, such as Russet potatoes are great for both baking and frying. Because of the starch in Russets, they don't hold together very well but are absorbent, so they are best paired with something to absorb, such as butter and sour cream. Starchy potatoes are good mashed, but you want to make sure not to over work them, or they will become a gluey mess. A starchy potato will leave a milky film onto the knife when they are sliced. Those potatoes with less starch, like most red-skinned potatoes, have a more waxy texture, so they hold their shape better while cooking. These potatoes work well for potatoes recipes like stews, soups, scalloped potatoes recipes, and potato salad where you would need to boil, slice, or roast the potatoes. You can usually figure out whether or not a potato is waxy by its thin skin. If the potato skin feels very thin to the touch and you can easily scratch the skin off, it's probably waxy. The in between potatoes are potatoes that are a medium starch potatoes which are more all-purpose, and these potatoes work in most potato dishes. Yukon Golds are a popular all-purpose potato.

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