Can Diabetes Be Fixed? (Part 1)

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With all the amazing things we can do and change today about our lives and the world around us, we might wonder, can diabetes be fixed (Part 1)? It never hurts to be optimistic, and I have never seen a single benefit of being pessimistic, so why not believe that we can and will some day cure this disease? But what is diabetes, really?

Diabetes is, broadly, the inability of the body to produce enough insulin to deal with the glucose that we consume and our body produces, so we have higher and higher amounts of glucose or sugar in our bloodstream. There are two types of diabetes known simply as Types 1 and 2. The first, Type 1, almost always requires some kind of insulin support, that is, medication to keep insulin levels high and regular enough so that glucose in the blood stream does not spin out of control. The second, Type 2, can often be controlled through diet and exercise. There have been dramatic tales of people using diet and exercise to get off diabetic drug supplements or significantly reduce their use.

Some of the drugs for diabetes seem worse than the cure. Side effects are a problem with drugs that address serious bodily issues such as diabetes. That is one challenge of medical research, to find what works without making other things worse. But our bodies are complex, and our bodily functions are deeply connected and not that well understood. So as we try to cure, we learn that some of the drugs, such as Avandia, have now been linked to a substantial increase in cardiovascular illness and is now the focus of thousands of lawsuits. And this is just one example of many issues of this increasingly common disease.

There are other concerns, too, and you can find out more about diabetes and the value of diet and exercise as a means to combat this disease at the website, Nick & Gen's Healthy Life, by following the link below.

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