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Many people have their carpet cleaning tips they claim work, but require toxic cleaning supplies that many would prefer not to use in their homes. When you have pets or little ones that linger close to the ground, you don’t want to be using toxic substances they could accidentally ingest. Luckily, Jen, the author of Beauty and Bedlam lifestyle blog has the best ever magic carpet cleaning tip that uses no chemical cleaning products whatsoever. Instead, she relies on one natural product you have in your home to remove carpet stain, plus some elbow grease. Once you have tried her methods, you will be incredibly impressed and happy that you will be able to keep your carpets clean for the future.

The worst thing to do with a carpet when it is stained is to let the stain set into the carpet because it becomes challenging to remove. The good news with Jen’s carpet cleaning solution is that she insists it works on already set stains too. Her cleaning secret is water, which she adds to the carpet and scrubs until the stain comes out. By adding enough clean water to the stain, it forms a slurry when combined with the stain material, which causes the stain to lift from the carpet. All you need to do at that point is sop it up with paper towels or a cloth towel. Jen has plenty of photos showing exactly how to remove spots from her carpet, even the most stubborn ones. She raves about her successes using her cleaning method because it has never failed her and she learned it from a cleaning lady. Water is the epitome of non toxic cleaners because it won’t damage anything that you use it on and is readily available. If you are concerned about adding water to your carpet because there could be mould growth, that is a possibility if the carpet is left wet for too long. A good means of drying it would be to use a hair dryer, or if you don’t have one of those, you could simply turn on a fan near the stain, so it dries quickly. Forget using any carpet cleaning products with chemicals in them or to employ a carpet cleaning service when you have water at the ready.

An issue of using water as a sole solution is that it won’t freshen up the scent of the carpet necessarily. In some cases, an odour won’t omit from the carpet, but depending on the type of stain, you may detect unpleasant smells over time. Once you have used Jen’s cleaning process, you could freshen up the smell of the carpet using a few household ingredients. Natural baking soda is an amazing multi-use product which can be used for polishing the home because of its abrasive quality, but it can also remove smells from fabrics in the home. Simply sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet and allow it to sit for a few minutes to do its magic. Once the odours are lifted, you can vacuum the baking soda up. If you want an even fresher scent to your home, you can mix the baking soda with some finely chopped herbs, like mint, lavender or sage as well.

Next time you have a stain on the carpet whether you spilt something or had dirt tracked into your home, don’t despair. Rubbing the stain with plenty of water will soak up the stain easily returning your carpet to its natural colour. Thank you to Jen, the author of Beauty and Bedlam lifestyle blog, for sharing her magic carpet cleaning tip.

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