All natural and sneaky way to freshen a room, forget expensive candles!

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Take a look at this all natural DIY idea to freshen up the rooms in your house. When you have animals, that live with you inside the house, at times the house might not be as fresh as you'd like. Sometimes you don't even realize that your house is smelling a bit like your pet, as you are with them every day, so you become accustomed to the pet odor. Many people try burning candles or using air fresheners to help cover up any smells that might be lingering in your house. But quite often these scented candles and air fresheners use toxic ingredients that you'd rather not be breathing in. The good news is that there are all natural cleaners and DIY ideas that will help get any unwanted odors out of your house, and even better these DIY ideas won't cost you a lot of money, nor do these use expensive ingredients. You will want to take a look on the site for the DIY idea to fresh any room with some peppermint essential oil, some cotton pads and a cute little bowl. You can also add in some peppermint extract, and your house will smell minty clean. For the full tutorial, you will want to take a look at the site.

As much as you love your pet, they don't always smell quite as fresh as you'd like. And while they provide love and companionship to your family, sometimes they leave behind odors which can make your home unpleasant to be in. Many of the household products on the market designed to remove pet odors are made with toxic chemicals that you don’t want to have to expose your family or your animal to. Luckily, there are natural cleaners with essential oils. Some of the best essential oils to help remove pet odors include anti-bacterial essential oils. The first thing you want in an essential oil to help combat pet odors is antibacterial properties. In most cases what is causing the odor is bacteria and germs. These bacteria also can make your family sick, so you want to make sure that you use one of these anti bacterial essential oils. Some antibacterial essential oils include peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus, lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, bergamot essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, oregano essential oil, thyme essential oil and clove essential oil.

To help combat pet odors, you will also want natural cleaners and DIY ideas that use essential oils that are antiviral.

You also want to incorporate some antiviral essential oils into your pet odor removal. Many of these antiviral oils also have antibacterial properties, so they are really a great option for removing pet odors. Some antiviral essential oils include tea tree essential oil, lavender, cinnamon essential oil, garlic, eucalyptus essential oil, thyme, clove essential oil, oregano essential oil, frankincense essential oil and lemon essential oil. You can make a herbal disinfectant using two cups of hot water, ten drops of essential oi, 1/4 cup of washing soda. Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. The spray across the surfaces and wipe with a clean, damp towel or sponge. You can also make a carpet cleaner using one cup of white vinegar, two cups of water, two teaspoons of salt, and 15 drops of essential oil.

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