9 Ways to Keep Kids Cool In The Car In Summer

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It is so important to keep temperatures in the car under control and your little ones cool on those hot summer days when they must be in your vehicle. Here are 9 ways to keep kids cool in the car in summer.

There are days when it is best to put off any and all travel because it is just too hot and to remain indoors until the temperature goes down. After all, you don’t want a child suffering because of a dental visit. Reschedule. It is far easier to change a date for something like that than to have a little one really suffering because it is just too hot to be in the vehicle.

On the other hand, some appointments cannot be rescheduled, like specialized hospital visits where a specialist is involved. Those appointments can take months to get, and whether the heat is up or down, you have got to go.

Whenever possible, on days that are very hot, and you must be out and about, hire someone or call a family member or friend to come in and take care of your child, or leave them with nearby friends, family, or child care services. But if there are simply no alternatives, here are some tips that may make the trip a happier one.

•If children are in the back seat, cover the lower part of windows to minimize the amount of sun coming in to the vehicle.

•Cover dark colored parts of the car with light colored sheets, especially cotton, that tend to remain cool.

•Put your child in light colored and loose fitting clothing, but make sure their arms and legs are not exposed to direct sunlight. They will stay cooler in light loose fitting clothing that keeps direct sunlight off their skin.

•Put them in natural fabric shoes like leather rather than rubber like flip flops. Natural fabrics breathe better.

•Wet their hair and let them hold a wet cloth.

These are just some ways to keep kids cooler in the car in summer. Read about many more ideas on the website.

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