9 Lies You Tell Yourself About Cleaning

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

So, can you list 9 lies you tell yourself about cleaning? If you find yourself hesitating, head over to the Good House Keeping site. They will inform you of a few things that you might be justifying that are actually not helping and may be hindering you in your efforts to keep your home clean. Some of these examples are things that we hear about and try, or are just trendy to do, or that we just forget about doing. But all of them are worth the very few moments of our time to do (or stop doing) if we want a home that is as clean as we can get it and that stays clean as long as possible.

One great tip is the practice to remove shoes at the door. If you have ever been doing yard work, like cutting the lawn, trimming the shrubs and planting new bulbs, and then have to run inside to answer the phone, you may see the point. Retrace your steps and you will certainly find grass greens, soil, possibly mud and who knows? Maybe even a bug or two where your boots shook them off as you walked through the house.

Get everyone in the habit of taking off their shoes at the door and switching in to inside shoes when they come in. It can even have a sort of psychological effect that tells you, “Now I’m home,” and you can relax and enjoy yourself. Treat everyone to warm and comfy slippers in the winter time, and trendy flops in the summer to encourage people to slip in to their inside wearables as soon as they walk through the door. There are plenty more tips that can help your house go from dull to shine at the Good House Keeping website. Check it out today!

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