7 SURPRISING ways to use these common home products

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Enjoy 7 SURPRISING ways to use these common home products, and make sure that you have the thing you need when you need it. Too much of the time it seems like the things we buy have been earmarked for some specialized use, and then they are headed for the garbage can. Every week it seems that we take out a ton of garbage and spend more and more at the store trying to get the things that we need in order to build, clean, supply whatever it is that we are doing that day. Well, in this little article, from the site, Apartment Therapy comes a bit of relief from that vicious cycle. Learn at the site just how you can put some materials to work for you, time and again, and lower just how much stuff you feel like you are tossing away after using it only one time. In addition, save some money, as you do not have to keep buying the same over and over again, or at least being able to use that product for some secondary use.

One example that the site discusses is tin foil, or aluminum foil. It has plenty of uses that go beyond putting it over a casserole that you are about to bake. Sure that is one great use for the tin foil, but then what do you do with it? You have a practically perfect piece and you toss it in to the garbage, which can be very frustrating. Well, instead, you can read about alternative uses for tin foil in this article on the site. So check it out. Other things that we seem to not use over and over again, but just toss out are dryer sheets. But these little sheets can have plenty of uses. For example, you can use them on your mop and then wipe the floor with them. Or, you can use them as dusters, and put a little spray polish on them. They are good to be used over and over again because they are made really quite sturdily. So save them in a plastic grocery bag under your sink or in your cupboard.

And of course, there are those age old tips that we always remember such as using your razor to shave off the pills that seem to get all over our sweaters. That is a timeless recommendation and a great use for those old razors. There are plenty of other things you can use razors for, too. Check out the various things that include 7 surprising ways to use common home products that you may not have thought about before. They may save you some time and money.

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