3 fixes for dusty blinds

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Dusting the blinds is a big job, especially if you live in a large house with plenty of windows. Sure blinds are great; they allow us to moderate the level of privacy we have and the amount of sun that comes into our home. But they can also be a pain to clean. Sometimes they don't even look that dirty until you get up close and see all of the dirt and dust that's settled on each of the pieces. It's easy enough to ignore them in your cleaning routine, but when you don’t clean them regularly, that dust can really build up and even create potential allergens in your household. Many people are allergic to dust, and it can make it hard for them to breathe, it also makes their eyes incredibly itchy and red, and it can often make us sneeze even if we're not allergic to it. Staying on top of it is the best way to combat the dust. Giving your blinds a quick dusting every week is going to do wonders for the cleanliness and overall health of your home. If they need a really good cleaning, no problem, there are some great simple life hacks and cleaning tips to help you combat even some of the most dust covered blinds.

To deep clean blinds that have a lot of build up on them, just fill a bucket with nice warm water and add in a couple of drops of dish soap. Before you wash them, you can vacuum them off with your vacuum using an attachment that works best for blinds. Or, you can take a dry cloth and give them a quick dry dust to remove any loose dust. Then, take a cloth, rag or even an old clean sock and get it damp in the water. Hold the cloth in your hand and using swiping motions with firm pressure wipe the dust off of the blinds. Start at the top left corner of the blind and work your way all the way down on the outside slats of the blinds, then do the middle slats and then the outer slats on the right side. You may have to go over them a couple of times to get all of the dust and dirt off. Finish off by drying them off with a clean, dry cloth which will also remove any residue. One of the other cleaning tips on the Bob Vila website is to use your hair dryer to remove some of the dust. Using the cool setting, you can blow the dust right off of the blinds, but just vacuum up any dust after you're done.

If you have fabric blinds, it's a little harder to clean them. If you get a stain on them, just blot it with a damp cloth dipped in warm water and soap. If the stain doesn't come out, you can always take them to the cleaners to be cleaned professionally. Sometimes you can clean them in your own washing machine at home, but just make sure you read the washing directions on the label of the curtains. If you have really greasy blinds in your kitchen from being around all of the cooking, you can actually wash them in the bathtub if you like. Just mix some white vinegar into the some hot water in your bathtub and remove your Venetian blinds from the window and place them into the water. Let them soak for an hour or so, and then take a cloth and wipe them down as best you can. Give them a good rinse with warm water and let them air dry a bit before you hang them back up. For more helpful and handy cleaning tips and simple life hacks visit the Bob Vila website.***

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