2 Steps to Clean Microfiber Furniture

Photo Credit: Making the World Cuter

When I bought my microfiber couch, the shop owner was adamant that it would be the easier fabric in the world to keep clean. That you could literally spill and wipe it off! Eventually though, regardless of how easy it is to wipe off these spills there comes a time when it is nice to give this fabric a good cleaning. The effect of months (or years) of stains will make your beautiful furniture not so beautiful.

If you have big couch made of microfiber then you will likely have to clean it inside, but if you have smaller items you can bring them out to the patio so there are less chemicals in the air from the cleaning supplies. I have to say that this method really works well and your furniture ends up looking beautiful very quickly and easily, but on the downside, Windex is not necessarily the healthiest cleaning product.

Seeing that the couch is a place that you often plant bare skin and your face even, you can easily replace the windex with some vinegar instead, as the method has a lot to do with the brush that is used, as much as the solution.

Once cleaned, your furniture will be beautiful again, and if you are like many of us between the dogs, the grandkids, or your husband eating his snacks every day with small spills to the sofa, you will be grateful for this method.For the step by step guide on cleaning your microfiber furniture, check out the link below to a great website Making the World Cuter.

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