10 Better Ways to Use a Clothes Hanger

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

Hangers make our lives a lot easier and better organized when it comes to clothes, but did you know there are 10 Better Ways to Use a Clothes Hanger? This list from Good House Keeping shows us these awesome ways to use clothing hangers for more than just hanging clothes, and if it is for hanging clothes, than they are going to show us a better way to hang them! Hangers are very affordable, sometimes you can even get the ones you buy your clothes with for free depending on the store, or you can ask a store if they have any extra hangers to give away.

These are such great ideas! Like using one of those clipping hangers you get pants on as a clip to hold open a cook book and then hang it from a cabinet knob! This is genius! You can have your recipe right there whiteout having to waste counter space having it open on the counter. I also love the idea of using a soda or beer can tab as an extender for your hangers, you slide one of these onto a hanger and then you have another slot to hang another hanger through! Great for outfits that you want to hang up together so they are ready to take out of the closet and wear!

Another great idea is to hang some little hooks on the hanger and use it to hang your jewelry off of. This would make a great organizer for earrings that are always getting lost and necklaces that are always getting tangled up! They can also store your scarves and they show you how to do it on the slideshow, along with other awesome ideas! Try some of them out, and see if they make your life more organized. Head over to 'Good House Keeping' by following the link in the section below for more!

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