1 Cool Trick to Wash Your Walls

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We are going to share with you 1 Cool Trick to wash your walls. Not everything needs to be complicated and washing walls does not have to be a big problem.

You house walls get dirty. As part of your spring cleaning, giving the walls a little wash down will make the house look fresh again. If you just look around right now at the rooms in your house, you will see little dirty spots. They happen from a number of reasons. One of the very dirty spots you will notice is around the light switches and the door handles. The walls in the kitchen above the splashboard also get little splashes that over time add up.

By taking the time to give you walls a wash, it can mean the difference sometimes between feeling the urge to repaint and be totally surprised and satisfied that painting is not yet needed.

If you have pets, they wag their tails, and they leave their paw marks around as well. Small children can be one of the biggest reasons for washing walls, and they are also a reason you may need to wash them more frequently. Oh, how we love little sticky, jammy fingers marks innocently left as they lean up on a wall!

So here is the one easy cool trick. All you need is a very clean sponge mop and a bucket. The bucket must have clean water, and you can use your choice of white vinegar, a dish detergent or a little hydrogen peroxide added to the water. Using the sponge mop will easily allow you to reach up high.

That's all that is involved. We can see more at the Fun Or Facts website just below.

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